The Javascript code golfing platform

Compete with other developers to solve problems in Javascript with the least number of characters.

Compete for the shortest code
Solve problems in Javascript with the least number of characters. Compete with other developers and see how you rank on the leaderboard for each problem.
JS + Ugly = Jugly
Sometimes you have to write truly ugly code to make it the shortest. Everything is permitted for the sake of code golfing even unsafe, or bad practice. You can use any Javascript feature, even the most obscure ones.
It's free and made with love
I'm Corentin Thomasset , a full-stack developer that kinda like JS. I made this platform in my free time with no pretention, just for fun, to play with friends.
I hope you'll enjoy it!
Some of the problems
Here are some of the problems you can try to solve with the least number of characters.
Hello World
Return the string "Hello World".
Sum of Squares of Even Numbers
Print the sum of the squares of the even numbers.
Sum all the digits of an integer.
Count Vowels In A String
Count the number of vowels in a given string.
Most Frequent Letter Count
Determine the frequency of the most common letter in a string.
Reverse Words
Reverse the order of words in a sentence.
Enversi Tirsf Dna Tasl
Inverse the first and last characters of each word in a string.
Greatest Odd Number
Given a list of numbers, find the greatest odd number.
Longest Common Prefix
Find the longest common prefix string amongst an array of strings.
Concatenate Unique Characters
Create a string concatenating the unique characters from multiple strings.
Repeat Jugly
Repeat the word "Jugly" the same number of times as the length of the word, like a mask.
Caps Lock Swap
Swap the "r" key with the caps lock key.
Alphabet Symmetry
Determines the number of letters in a word that match their alphabetical position.
Minimal Path Sum
Find the minimal path sum from the top left to the bottom right of a 2D grid by only moving right or down.
Minimum Unique Array Sum
Given an array of integers, increment any duplicate elements until all elements are unique.
Island Counter
Count the number of 1s islands in a matrix of 0s and 1s.
Morse Code Translator
Translate a string into morse code.
That's A Lot Of Text
Simply output the 5 paragraphs of the classic Lorem Ipsum.
Missing From Sequence
Find the missing number from a sequence of numbers.
Second Unique Maximum Difference
Find the second largest unique difference between any two numbers in an array.
Peaks And Lows
Find the peaks and lows in a given array of integers.
Rectangles Total Area
Find the total area covered by a list of rectangles.
Missing Letters
Which letter of the alphabet is missing from the given string?
Run-Length Encoding
Compress strings by replacing sequences of identical characters with that character followed by a count.
Character Frequency Sort
Sort a string by the frequency of each character.
Wavy String
Generate a wave pattern based on a string
Longest Palindrome Substring
Find the longest palindromic substring of a given string.
Intersection Sum
Sum the intersection of two integer arrays.
Roman To Integer
Convert a roman numeral to an integer.
Un Ascii Art
Find the number represented by the ASCII art.
Bowling Scoring
Calculate the score of a bowling game.
Reverse Polish Notation
Evaluate the value of an arithmetic expression in Reverse Polish Notation.